The Castle – March 2008 – K.A

The Castle

This prestious high-density development is setting a new tone in the residential neighbothood of An Phu, in close proximity to Thu Thiem New Urban Area as well as downtown Saigon.

Formerly known for secluded and extensive Villas protected by high walls An Phu will develop over the next few years into a diverse and urban subcenter to Saigon with a mix of highrise and low rise residences.

Korn Architects design approarch was guided by the intent to integrate the development into the low rise neighborhood by “stepping up” the buildings with the center building reaching the maximum 27 floors. This staggering of heights blends the building into the environment and creates a rich skyline expressing variety and individuality.

The theme of a “castle” is interpreted in a modern way: The strong sheltering walls of the castle can be found, as well as the dominating tower and a bridge-but the walls become a place of residence instead of a solid mass- the small defensive window river views and opening up the inside.

Stading in the tradition of modern interpretation of the “castle” like the Ghetty museum in Los Angeles and Byker Wall in Newcastle upon Tyne it will create a unique landmark and point identification for future residents.


The social heart of the development is a plaza between phase 1 and 2 of the project. The podium pf phase 1 allows enough space for a supermarket and drugstore as well as residential services such as massage and hairdresser. The plaza is envisioned with open-ari coffee shops and bistros and shall devalop into the comunity center of the project.

All shops are designed with the generous floor hieght of 10m to allow buisling mezzanines as part of the shop fit-out.

Podium parking

Each phase features a center entrance to the parking spaces on the upper levels. Car park spaces are in the periphery.

Louvers ai the building facade ensure natural ventilation for the parking floors thus making expensive mechanical ventilation systems odsolete.

Landscape garden

On top of the parking levels a connected leisure-lansscape unfolds with gymnasiums swimming pools for both lap and recreational use, tea houses and lush vegetation. Swimming pool as well as planets are  partially build up so they do not interfere with the parking below. A sky bridge connecting the recreational gardens of phase 1 and 2 allow a social interaction of all residents.

The podium-level apartments feature extended gardens.


The building features a total of 695 apartments of which 18 duplex penthouses and 11 are podium apartments with garden. 50 are luxury comer apartments with extended living rooms.

The elevator lobbies on all floors are generously spaced, naturally ventilated and have a view to the outside. All buildings feaure service elevator and meter rooms.

As per design brief all apartment towers are designed with maximum of 6 units per fllor. However, due to the combination of 2 towers at the coners a great gain in efficiency and lowering of investment cost could be reached by combining the 2 independent cores at the coner to a shared center one. In this case a generous glazed elevator lobby can be designed each floor with sky garden on every 3 levels.

The standard apartments with 2 and 3 bedrooms are designed with 1 en-suite and 1 shared bathroom, generous living-dinning area, open kitchen connected to a laundry balcony and maids chamber. Luxury comer apartments have an extended dinning area and a bigger living room.

Duplex penthouse apartments on the roof are designed with double-height living rooms and generous private garden with jacuzzi and Trellises.


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